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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Art Moves @ Landers Fiat

Bossier Arts Council to host Photography Workshop

On Sunday, September 28th  at the Bossier Arts Council, we will be having an exciting photography workshop, led by Andy Bloxham. Over the course of the day, we will be discussing what makes compelling imagery, working at a team on creative brainstorming techniques, coming up with an idea, and then figuring out how we'll ever make such an image. 

We will be on-location using strobe lights, speed lights, natural lighting, and both conventional and unique modifiers as we work with our subjects to construct a photo set and work through the story we are aiming for. 

It's a complete sense of discovery and problem solving, every time a new image is approached. Afterwards, we will reconvene at Bossier Arts Council and via a hands-on lesson, walk through the post-production stages of assembling the final image. We will be discussing file preparation, masking and compositing, color theory, and more.

Some of the key issues addressed during this workshop is the why and how... why are characters motivated in the frame? What gets us to the point of photography? Through lighting, how do we transform an environment? What considerations do we make during the time of capture, in regards to how it will be post-produced? Finally, in the computer, after we have all of these pieces of a photograph, how do we put it all together?

For the software demo, it's encouraged to have a laptop with Photoshop on it. We will be using a Canon Mark III for image capture. If you're not sure whether your version of Photoshop can read these files, install DNG Converter installed on your computer to ensure compatibility.

The event is $200. Signups are available either at the door or through