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Saturday, May 10, 2014

3-D Printing Workshop Today

ArkLaTex3D Technology will introduce 3D printing as new medium for artistand discuss how they can adapt this technology to artist of all types. Also, they will introduce 3D scanning as a medium for specifically digital and sculpting artist to possible integrate into their art. During the presentation they will include discussion on material types, additional processes, and the range of applications of 3D Technology. 

We welcome artist to bring pictures or small objects of their typical art style so that we can provide them with ideas of how specifically use 3D technology in the art work.

Any BAC member that attends will recieve 15% off their first 3D printing service that will be valid for 6 months.

This private event workshop will be held  Saturday, May 10th from 2-5pm at 450 Clyde Fant parkway, Suite 100.  To RSVP please text Mark @ 318-294-9096.

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