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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Upcoming Saturday Speaker Series

BAC's Saturday Speaker Series Presents:
The Rise, Fall and Redemption of Art and Culture
By Benjamin Riggs
Saturday, March 29th @ 2pm in the Gallery Fine Art Center

What does it mean to be culturally bankrupt?
"Popular culture is not Lady Gaga. It isn't Shepard Fairey or Bill O'Reilly. That is consumer culture. Consumer culture is based on consumption. Its like a Styrofoam cup, we use it once and throw it away. Real pop culture is the hymns your grandmother hummed when she made biscuits. Those are the songs and the stories that live in each and every one of us. That biscuit recipe is pop culture, because it is passed down from one generation to the next. To mistake consumer culture for your culture is to be culturally bankrupt.
We have forgotten how to make biscuits. We have been told that it isn't important, "Just run to the store and pick some up." But we all remember how important it was to sit down at grandma's table. We have to recover that for ourselves, for our kids, for the next generation. That is culture." -Benjamin Riggs. The Gallery Fine Art Center is sponsored in part by contributions from Meredith Hamrick, Ken & Sharon McGivney, Marcy Everett, and Airline Plaza.

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