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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BAC and Community Trust Bank Present the Art of Susan Duke

The artwork of artist Susan Duke-Posey is currently on display at the East 70th branch of Community Trust Bank.  When asked about her work she responded “In each painting I want to transport the viewer into a world of beauty and energy. I have chosen to create my original Impressionist works in oil on canvas, applied with lavish palette knife strokes. This challenging use of the medium imparts a passionate vitality and immediacy to each subject. The unique textural appearance appears to alter in various light affording ever-changing glimpses of new detail, depth and color. The juxtaposition of freedom and control in this style of painting convey and relate to the contrasts and continuums that give our lives balance.
“I love our earth home and want to express that intensely deep spiritual feeling which inherently connects all of us to each other and to our environment. These paintings should open a door for the imagination to pass through, giving the viewer a moment of uplifting serenity – a place to gain rejuvenation and renew personal power. The essential essence of each painting simultaneously commemorates a particular place in time and reaches for the timeless.”

Susan’s work will be on display from now until May 30th please stop by during regular lobby hours and take a look at this unique work.

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