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Saturday, February 1, 2014

A World Like No Other: Steve Zihlavsky's Amazingly Peculiar Talent

    The Gallery will soon say goodbye to the amazing talents of the Realism show, and welcome the creativity of Julie Crews, John Wagoner, and Steve Zihlavsky. However, Steve already has some of his unique creativity on display at Bossier Arts Council’s quaint little gift shop.                                                                 
      Steve says that the birth of his inspiration as an artist came from “Highlights” magazine. He is inspired by everything, and his work can inspires anyone. Most of Steve’s creations are ninety-five percent scrap materials that he re-purposes and recycles.     
         What is it about Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the RingsStar wars, etc. that so greatly intrigues the minds of millions? Is it the magic behind peeking into peculiar and mystical ideas twisted far from the borders of the norm? There is always something fascinating about things and concepts that exist in an unorthodox fashion. For some it’s an escape from the tediousness of each routine day, while others are captivated to partake on a journey to live out fantasies one had as a child. It is at least once in everyone’s life that they soar to the moon in a rocket, constructed of none other than a discarded cardboard Maytag box.

       Steve Zihlavsky has exercised a branch of his creativity to create “Ooatnm Eggs”, an opportunity for everyone to participate in a magical and uncanny experience .According to Steve “Ooatnm eggs are the perfect gift for children, eccentrics, idiosyncratics, pet lovers, and peculiars”.                                             

               Steve describes this unique creation: The Ooatnm Egg has a pseudo-symbiotic relationship with a polyhedron. “The Ooatnm itself is non-existent, but the egg is. Since their non-existent they do not develop, hatch, grow,etc, but rather acquire eyes, snouts, or other organs to experience life outside the shell. Few people know where they emerge, that aside, like snowflakes and fingerprints each is unique.

Come check out this amazingly intriguing things Tuesday-Saturday 11:00PM to 5:00PM, or visit the BAC website gift shop page for more information. 

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