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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BAC's Gallery Fine Art Center Presents The Art of John Wagoner

BAC's Gallery Fine Art Center presents the art of Julie Crews, John Wagoner and Steve Zihlavsky.  The Show will be from February 1-April 30 with an opening reception on February 25, 5:30-7:30 at 2151 Airline Drive, suite 1200, Bossier City, Louisiana.  The gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-5:00pm.

About John:

John C. Wagoner is an Art Instructor at Bossier Parish Community College and currently resides in Shreveport, LA.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA and his Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI.

He has previously worked as a mountmaker for Sanders Museum Services in museums nationwide making specialized artifact mounts and custom made museum exhibits.  He has been teaching at the college level at various institutions for over five years. Institutions include: Kendall College of Art and Design, Lake Michigan Community College, Cornell College and Louisiana State University in Shreveport.  He has also taught Continuing Education art courses at Bossier Parish Community College and Louisiana State University in Shreveport.    

Within the past year he has juried the 92nd Annual Judged Exhibition for the Shreveport Art Club at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, and exhibited at artspace (Bonafide & Critical Mass 2), Bossier Parish Community College, Louisiana Community and Technical College System Office in Baton Rouge, LA and donated artwork to the Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting for their annual fundraising event, Art & Travel Auction.

He has exhibited his works online and nationwide in New York, Michigan, Iowa, Louisiana and overseas in Florence, Italy.  His full exhibition record and additional information can be viewed at or you can visit
Mona Lisa
John's philosophy on his work-

I deny my artwork as sculptures but define them as three-dimensional paintings, as these objects are entirely made out of the medium of paint. I challenge the notion of what painting is and where it could end.

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote the Treatise in Painting, and one part was mostly concerned with a debate at that time of which art was the most superior: sculpture or painting?  Da Vinci discussed which medium trumped the other and he declared painting the victor.  However, with technology over the decades people in the art world have claimed that 'painting is dead' and we start to see this debate again, which is the most superior?

Within my work we see that painting has revived itself to evolve/adapt to our time and has begun to take over different mediums along with providing a social commentary.  The idea of paint evolving or adapting off of the canvas and into the third dimension can be seen as a ‘takeover’ on various media to survive in a world where fine art seems to be fleeting.

This particular series has taken on another proclaimed dead format found in photography – the Polaroid.  There is now a blending of painting, sculpture and photography all in one, but still consisting of pure acrylic paint. 

Within the ubiquitous white frame, I have created a wide range of imagery.  These images consist of non-objective paintings, familiar scenes from art history and even local areas.  Polaroids are seen as once forgotten memories or moments that are frozen in time.  By making the Polaroids out of paint, I am resuscitating another dying form in order for it to come back to life.  This is similar to how these paintings are evolving from the second dimension and pushing itself into the third dimension with whatever means possible – this time it just happens to be in the form of the dying Polaroid. This is just another continuation of the paint ‘takeover’ and leaves us to question, “What defines a painting?”-John Wagoner

 The Gallery Fine Art Center is a project of the Bossier Arts Council and is made possible through the generous contributions of Meredith Hamrick, Ken and Sharon McGivney, Marcy Everett and the Airline Plaza.  For more information on these artists, the Bossier Arts Council and the Gallery Fine Art Center please call (318) 741-8310 or check out out website,

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