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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BAC's Emerging Artist Gallery Presents The Art of Bonnie Ferguson

The Bossier Arts Council is proud to present the art of Bonnier Ferguson.  The show will hang in the Emerging Art Gallery from February
1-April 30.  The gallery hours of operation are 11am to 5pm, Tuesday-Saturday.

 About Bonnie-

Bonnie Ferguson grew up nestled in the countryside of North Louisiana. Having parents that encouraged her to make art, her creativity grew from an early age. At sixteen, she was the youngest artist juried into the Piney Hills Gallery in Ruston, La. She later attended Louisiana Tech University and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in 2012.
                She now lives in Ruston with her husband and child, and is the owner/operator of Pastry Moon, a store in the downtown area that supports and exhibits local artists as well as her own art. She makes a variety of things: paintings, drawings, natural soap, hats, scarves, plus anything and everything that catches her fancy.  
                Ferguson has a fascination with alternative home building and plans to construct a recycled natural house in the coming years. 

In her own words- 

"I make art because I always have. I started sewing as a toddler, I drew figure skating costumes and ballerina ball gowns as a child, and started painting as a tween. I began teaching myself needlework as teenager, and eventually studied painting and printmaking in college. As an adult, art has been a coping mechanism, a tool for personal development, and a means to make ends meet.

Currently, I am dealing with a perpetual feeling of ‘nesting’. I want to build a recycled home. The work that I am producing is a result of this obsession, and is a reflection of the hours I’ve spent researching natural building, permaculture gardening, and all that would be involved in this ‘new’ form of ‘old fashioned’ homesteading.

When contemplating this lifestyle, I believe the most difficult part for me has been to let go of preconceived notions of comfort and worth. The magical element is finding truth in simplicity, beauty in the mundane and discarded, and pure joy in the majesty and chaos of nature.

True to the nature of a recycling artist, I do what I can with what I have. This means that my work may not always match. Sometimes, I have oil paints. Other times, I am limited to pen & paper. The mediums come and go, each a blessing that I struggle to utilize in the most effect and worthwhile way."- Bonnie Ferguson

The Emerging Artist Gallery is a project of the Bossier Arts Council and is made possible through the generous donation of the Airline Plaza.  For more information on this artist or the Bossier Arts Council please call, (318)741-8310 or check out our website

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