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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Art of Jason Pliler Featured at The Louisiana Towers

BAC and the Community Foundation are Proud to Feature the Art of
Jason Pliler

Slattery Building
I work with the old chemical processes.  I enjoy the science behind it.  I enjoy keeping the history of it alive. The process has a sense of magic.  There are no instant results working with film. When you place your paper in the developer bath and you see the image slowly appear on this white sheet of paper it still amazes me, even after all these years. Photography is collision of art and science. It allows me to tap my analytical and nerdy side to allow me to express my creativity.
-Jason Pliler

 Jason's work will be featured at The Louisiana Towers, 401 Edwards Street in Downtown Shreveport beginning on December 1and will hang until March 1, 2014.  Please go by and see these hauntingly beautiful pieces.  They are on sale and would make a special holiday gift for a loved one or yourself!


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