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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Art Of Chris McCaa



The Bossier Arts Council and Boomtown Casinos’ 1800 Prime Steakhouse present WAM (wine art and music) featuring the art and music of Chris McCaa. The Show will hang from August 8-October 30, with an opening reception on August 8 at 1800 Prime beginning at 5:30 pm. The event will feature food and wine pairings, with art and music by Chris McCaa. The cost is $20, ages 21 and up.

“I have devoted my life to composing and playing music. I have played cello with Dave Brubeck for the Shreveport Symphony and rock and roll piano with Bo Diddley.  I love music.  Music can touch your soul and soothe your heart.  It can also be frustrating. Consisting of nothing more than air pressure, music ceases to exist the moment you stop playing.  Over the past decade along with music I have enjoyed the comfort of creating art which is tangible, primarily in the mediums of photography, clay and leather.” –Chris McCaa

Artist Bio- Chris McCaa is one of North Louisianans eccentric artists.  He has never had a day job.  Chris has played music professionally all his life.  He writes songs and performs them for a living.   When Chris gets home late at night he works on his art to unwind. Chris McCaa is a completely self-taught artist.  He has no formal art education.  Chris’ love for art stems from his mom exposing him to music and art at an early age.  As a child, his mom always encouraged him to draw.  She always had paper, pencil, and crayons, later, charcoal and pastels.  As Chris grew older, his mother added watercolor and oil paints.  He drew and painted throughout his school years.  For the last decade, Chris has worked with photography, clay, and leather.  Mr. McCaa has shown his works in the Emerging Artist Gallery.

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