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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DigiFest South Sponsor Highlight Shreveport's Downtown Development Authority

This week I had the opportunity to talk to DigiFest South Music Events Presenting Sponsors the Downtown Development Authority.  Liz Swaine, Executive Director, was kind enough to answer some questions about the D DA and all the exciting and wonderful things they do for Shreveport!

BAC: What is the primary purpose of your organization? 

Swaine: The Downtown Development Authority exists to pursue, support and welcome initiatives to encourage private development and to promote and coordinate public development in Shreveport’s Downtown Development District.

BAC: What is your favorite place in Shreveport?  Why?

Swaine: It probably wouldn’t surprise you when we say ‘downtown.’ Downtown is a neat place with a unique vibe and the history of the place is fascinating. Gun fights in the street, yellow fever, river treachery, a legal Red Light District, a Confederate shipyard, grand architecture, Elvis Presley…all played a role in making our downtown what it is today.

BAC: What about DigiFest South makes you the most excited? 

Swaine: The networking. We love the concept of bringing like-minded people together and letting them ferment. The brew that they create can make for exciting opportunities! 

BAC: What is your favorite thing about technology?

Swaine: That you can’t sleep, although this is sort of a Catch-22 that keeps us glued to our smart devices. You can’t stop paying attention for a moment or some new innovation will sneak up on you. Who even remembers MySpace anymore?

BAC: Who is your favorite artist (any discipline) and why?

Swaine: Daft Punk, of course. Any group that can get Stephen Colbert, Matt Damon and Henry Kissinger involved in a viral dance party is #1 in our book. 

For more information about Shreveport D DA click here and to like them on facebook click here.  For more information about DigiFest South click here and here.  

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