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Thursday, July 11, 2013

An open letter to our Artists

Today I am tired.  Exhausted really.  Every time I reach this point I think maybe we shouldn't do as much.  Maybe we shouldn't push so hard.  But then I meet another artist.  I talk to another community member.  And then it all makes sense.

The Bossier-Shreveport area has so much talent.  North Louisiana has so much talent.  But more than talent we have hard workers.  Individuals who work much harder than I ever will.  Coming from Oklahoma where being a hard worker is respected more than any other personality trait, I have an overwhelming amount of respect for individuals who bust their hump to achieve their goals.

The events that BAC has coming up (click here and here) are a reflection of those individuals and their dedication to their craft.  I am proud that we have the opportunity to share their abilities, products, and personalities with our community.

So I hope you come out over the next few weeks to celebrate these hard workers.  I hope that we can provide an event that is relaxing to you so you can take a break after working so hard.  After all experiencing life is such a rarity in today's world.

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