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Monday, June 10, 2013

East Bank Gallery feature Su Stella

Artist Biography

Su Stella graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 1988. She spent years traveling the world and making art. She lived in Biloxi when hurricane Katrina hit, after that she moved to Shreveport.  From paintings, soap and jewelry the girl from Boston embraced her new home state and released her inner Cajun.  Currently she is painting on canvas as well as glass. These projects range from jewelry to layered glass paintings as well as paintings on canvas. Also she has been a writing a monthly column for Louisiana Road Trips since 2006.  

Artist Statement

I have been creating art my entire life. My first art memory was when I was about 5 years old. I pulled the drawers open just enough to make a ladder, climbing atop the furniture. Using my paint by numbers paint I decorated the ceiling. To this day I don’t understand why my Mom got so mad at me. I remember thinking that my creation was so beautiful! 

Luckily my parents were incredibly supportive my whole life, and encouraging me to attend the Art Institute of Boston. I studied painting, sculpture and printmaking, absorbing every style and technique. In some art circles they see this as a lack of focus but I see it as an asset, because my skill set allows me freedoms and knowledge that others don’t have.

I spent my youth traveling the world my paints always in my backpack. In my late 20’s I thought I bought my forever house near the beach in Biloxi but Hurricane Katrina changed that. I now live in the Highland Community in Shreveport. My backpack has been traded for an art studio. For several years I have been experimenting with different glass techniques and I have been painting on canvas too. It’s been great to have the space to be able to work whenever I want. This has opened my art vocabulary, and expanded my portfolio.

My painting style has taken a big leap recently, whether I am working on multi levels of painted and embellished glass or on flat canvases my art celebrates layers of Louisiana inspired images.  My palette has brightened and I feel like I have been really finding my voice. This state is full of lively, spicy flavor and that is what I am trying to convey. 

On May 5, 2013, I have begun opening my art studio to the public. It will be open the first Sunday of the month from 10- 3. I hope you come to the corner of Topeka and Magnolia and enjoy the demos, art and experience!


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