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Friday, May 3, 2013

Interns & Volunteers get the opportunity to help

One of the great things (and sometimes not so great things) about working for a smaller Arts Council is that rely on our interns and community volunteers to help us achieve our goals.  Yesterday I was reminded about why I love that fact so much.  Artist Alan Dyson is currently exhibiting in our Emerging Artist Gallery (although I would hardly call his career emerging) by utilizing the intimate space to construct an installation piece.  When he stopped by to arrange details with our Gallery Coordinator, Steven Belk, he mentioned that he might need a few hands.  We contacted our interns and the head of our Gallery Committee, Rachul McClintic (who is a wonderful artist).

Alan was gracious enough to allow both our Theatre interns, Jessica Clements
and Kayla Johnson, to lend a hand.  He more than utilized their help he instructed and explained his process .  I loved the sharing that happens and I love that our artists (I am partial when they are in our space and claim them as such) are willing to not only engage the community with their art work but engage them as participants.

I am also glad that we have a Gallery Committee chair who is a volunteer from the community who was so willing and eager to give of her time yesterday.

So today I am beyond glad that our small staff size challenges us to engage our community on a different level other than just consumer.  And I am proud to live in a place that has community members so willing to participate.  Thank you Alan, Rachul, Jessica, and Kayla.

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