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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DAF Grants Available

The Louisiana Decentralized Arts Funding Program provides a system for funding arts and cultural projects in every parish of the state.  Funds are provided to each parish on a per capita basis utilizing the most recent census figures.  As applicants compete only with other organizations in their parish, decisions about cultural priorities are made locally.     
The Louisiana Division of the Arts disburses the funds to eight Regional Development Agencies, (RDA) which in turn regrant those dollars to parishes in their region.  A Community Development Director administers each region.   The Director identifies arts-sponsoring organizations and provides them with advice and assistance in developing arts programming.  In addition, two Local Regranting Agencies service individual parishes within two of the regions. 
The Louisiana Decentralized Arts Funding Program (DAF), initiated in 1995, makes the arts available in all areas of the state by giving artists, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and local government agencies in each parish the opportunity to develop arts programs that meet their local needs. 
 The Decentralized Arts Funding Program is designed to:
1       Allocate fifty percent of the Louisiana Division of the Arts legislative appropriation on a per capita basis. 
2        Expand efforts to make the arts accessible to all parishes in Louisiana. 
3      Award grants to organizations located within the parish for which funds are  designated.
The goals of the Decentralized Arts Funding Program are to:
1       Strengthen arts organizations.
2       Encourage professional artists to undertake projects that have meaningful community involvement and build audiences for the arts.
3       Encourage a variety of nonprofit organizations to sponsor arts and cultural activities including classical, contemporary and traditional arts in eight artistic disciplines within the parish funded.
4        Leverage additional local support for the arts.
5        Provide arts activities to groups which have had limited arts experiences.
6        Provide funding for arts and cultural activities that are open to the public.

Introduce the grants process and develop grant-writing skills
For more information on Bossier Arts Council and DAF grants click here.  

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