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Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Artini Update

Continuing in our weekly series here is an update on all things Artini.  Before we forget you can now purchase tickets for this March 9th (7pm) event online by clicking here.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:  As you might have already guessed from this year's logo our 2013 Artini Artist is Tony Reans!!  Reans works as an Adjunct Professor at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, and teaches classes on photography, Photoshop, and acrylic painting. His artwork has been featured in more than 23 exhibitions across the country and has won him more than 7 different awards.   “My world is a Utopian paradise filled with zombies, robots, pirates, and ninjas, who hang out in mid-century modern homes and drink martinis while enjoying jazz records”, said Reans. He continued by saying, “each one represents various irreducible aspects of the human condition, and facets of the human psyche. They aren't out to harm one another, as might be expected, but rather, the parties they attend and their luxurious surroundings create a friendly atmosphere. I leave the specific interpretation of each character up to the viewer.” 

FEATURED SPONSOR:  This year (as last) our Alcohol will be provided through the generosity of Dripping Springs Vodka.  I don't think we have enough space to tell you all about this amazing company but we do have a link to an awesome video!  A special shout out needs to go to Republic National Distributing Company for all their help in setting this up.

RESTAURANT SHOUT OUT:  This week we would like to give a "shout out" to Twine for their participation in 2013 Artini!  On Thursday the 7th from 5:30-8pm we will be giving out "thanks" back by visiting this hip place for drinks.  The name "Twine" comes from Tea & Wine on Line.  Who could forget that location with such an easy reminder!

FUND UPDATE: As promised last week we will feature where YOUR MONEY GOES when you come to Artini.  This week we are thrilled to share all about our East Bank Gallery.  The Gallery is one of the longest running programs of BAC and one that is near and dear to our hearts.  We are committed to promoting art work of our regional artists and is located at our headquarters at 630 Barksdale Blvd.  We have a full year of shows planned.  Click here for more information.

Don't forget to get your tickets today!  

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