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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The Bossier Arts Council's staff and interns are a little insane.  But it isn't with out good reason.  

Set rendering by Theatre intern Jessica
We decided in the midst of our activity packed fall that we would produce a Christmas show in one week.  Because, as mentioned previously, we are insane.  We looked at all the other quality Christmas themed activities happening in Shreveport-Bossier (and there is a lot) and decided we would do something different. Something aimed at "adult" audiences.  Christmas is hard for adults.  It means braving scary shopping centers, listening to our kids well meaning (but often off pitch) School Holiday Programs, visiting family (no further explanation needed), and looking cheery the entire time.  

Blank and empty stage
Well, you need a break.  That's why we decided to bring you "Eight Reindeer Monologues" by Jeff Goode.  The play can be best described as “a dark, dark Christmas comedy. Scandal erupts at the North Pole when one of Santa’s eight tiny reindeer accuses him of sexual harassment. As mass media descends upon the event, the other members of the sleigh team demand to share their perspectives, and a horrific tale of corruption and perversion emerges, which seems to implicate everyone from the littlest elf to the tainted Saint himself. With each deer’s confession, the truth behind the shocking allegations becomes clearer and clearer…and murkier and murkier”. 

We have wall up!!!
But if that isn't enough we will include a "very tacky cocktail hour" before the event.  Starting at 7pm this Thursday and Friday you will be in for a treat just for you.  Because after all you deserve it (do I have to point to the above section).  Tickets are only $10 but seating is limited (we have under 40 left for Friday).  Just call 318-741-8310 or write me (Leigh Anne Chambers) at to reserve your tickets today.  

Scattered throughout this article are our pictures of set building.  Because whether your a Theatre nerd or not putting up a production in one week is something to witness.

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