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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Little Brush That Could-week 17

Art can be created in many forms. For some, it is a fresh canvas and a new set of paints or it could be composing a musical piece. Yet others are more drawn to performance art. Theatre is my favorite kind of art because it is comprised of all three. You start with an idea and build a set around it. You seek out the talented artists to fill your cast, then you add music, costumes , props, make-up, wigs. I love watching a performance come together. I have been fortunate enough to have two kiddos that love performing and the arts. I think that their early exposure to theatre, art and music helped to foster their love of all art forms.

Taking your kids to see live theatre performances can be quite a fantastic experience, but make you are aware of the proper etiquette. Be sure to make reservations in advance. I can't tell you how many times I have had to turn away families with small children because the show was sold out.
Properly educate your kids on how to behave at the theatre. Explain to them that it is important for them to sit quietly while the performance is happening, talk only during intermissions, never get up in the middle of a production, or come in late to a production. and they should applaud the performances. Encourage the children to dress up. They can be as extravagant as they would like, this helps to heighten the experience of attending live theatre for the child. Allow the child to sit on your lap or a pile of coats if the child is having difficulty seeing the stage. Nothing can make a live theatre experience more disappointing than not being able to see what happens. Reward them for behaving well. This will help make going to live theatre a much anticipated event for your children.

Studies have  revealed that kids who take part in fine arts and theatre perform better in school, in spite of what their cultural or economic backgrounds are. Moreover, it also helps in increasing community awareness, social skills, cultural perspective, and artistic abilities. These are all tips that are helpful for children while learning how to be more responsible and thus it can help them to become contributing members of our society.

and on that note........
You can take the kids to see "Pollyanna"  at the East Bank Theatre on Saturday, November 10th at 7pm or Sunday, November 11th at 2pm.

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