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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unique Pastels in East Bank Gallery

The Unique Pastel show, featuring artists from the Shreveport Pastel Society, will be in the Bossier Arts Council's East Bank Gallery from October 16th - November 30th with a reception on October 19th at 6pm.

Lisa Young
Coral Rose by Lisa Young

Lisa Young

Since I was very young I always loved painting, drawing and anything to do with art. I've never had any formal art training so what I do is all self taught. Eventually my interest and love of creating art became one of my passions, and I am so grateful that it happened that way. With the support and encouragement of dear friends I decided to pursue my passion and develop my skills to the next level. Although I'm still learning and developing my skills I'm happy to show you Young Heirloom Fine Art. - Lisa Young

Barbra Rushing 

Barbara Rushing 
Yellow Daisy
Barbara McMahen Rushing has a B. S. degree in Science, Business and Art Education from Centenary and has studied art with several nationally known artists.  She paints in oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic media.  She enjoys learning, teaching, and painting.  She's participated in numerous art shows and won awards in watercolor, oils, acrylics, and pastels.

Barbara McMahen Rushing loves color and enjoys trying to paint the effect of  light.  Art is a fantastic activity!!!

Judy Horne 
Judy Horne 

After a long, varied and satisfying career in education, I retired, content with what I had accomplished and eager to explore other facets of life that I had put on hold for so many years. Freed from the constraints of daily work responsibilities, and joined in pursuits of an artistic nature by my supportive photographer husband, we are able to travel some and life is great.

As I have discovered in all the other phases of my life, the more one learns, the more there is to learn, and that is what I am about: reading, listening, observing, going to workshops and demonstrations, experimenting, stretching, failing, reevaluating, and sometimes, to my delight, succeeding.  Although I have no formal art education, I have enjoyed study with many nationally known artists in watercolor and pastel.

In addition to being a visual artist, I am a professionally trained voice actor.  It is so exciting to explore an area so different from my other pursuits, something that I have wanted to do for a long time. An opportunity to study the field came along quite unexpectedly and I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure.  My goals in this area are to use my speaking and mimicry skills to bring audio pleasure to listeners of all ages.  This may take the form of commercials, PSAs, instructional and training materials or audio books.  Incorporating my Scottish heritage and my Spanish language training adds a unique dimension to my voice work.  

You may see and hear samples of my work at

Pamela Viviano

A Detroit native who has lived in Shreveport for 22 years, Pam studied drawing and printmaking with an emphasis on portraiture at Michigan State University, where she earned her B.A. in Studio Art and Psychology. She holds certificates as an assistant pre-school Montessori teacher and yoga teacher and was program director for the Youth Enrichment Program in Shreveport. In 2010, she directed a 21-parish project for the Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s Arts-in-Education program. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology at LSUS.

In the last few years her professional pursuits have included art. Her photographs, in which she documents her trips around the state and country, have been featured in several exhibits, including artspace, Bossier Arts Council, and the Meadows Museum Triennial Competitions I and II. In addition, she had her first solo show of pastels of nature, The Language of Trees, at the Bossier Arts Council in 2011. In 2009 she participated in Katfish 4 Kids, a public sculpture fundraiser for Volunteers For Youth Justice, with two designs: Mark Twain-Fish and Bistineau Blues-Fish. Pam contributes regularly to the LPB Art and Travel Auction.
Wedgewood Bottle by Pamela Viviano

Pam has also taught yoga since 1994. Concurrent with program directing and teaching after school classes at the Renzi Art and Education Center and ArtBreak, Pam conducts workshops on art and yoga and teaches private yoga classes for children and adults. She enjoys public speaking and has presented workshops to many clubs and groups in the Shreveport-Bossier area. She is a member of the Shreveport Pastel Society.

Fran Barlow 

Trysts by Fran Barlow
Almost Okra by Fran Barlow

Pastel is Fran’s favorite medium.  At the end of her third painting, Fran Barlow is hooked.  The dust on her hands while working reminds her of helping her grandfather pick up potatoes from his garden and her hands had to be washed often.  But what is a little dust?  She loves the immediacy and boldness of pastel, the firmness of hard sticks when delineation is needed or the soft buttery sticks that shout, "Look here first and take a guided tour through this work.”

Kitty Wallis pastel paper is Fran’s first choice of support.  She enjoys the clean, white paper.  But for a change she uses a hard red stick to tone the paper.  It is such fun painting on the red.  Once the focal point is established Fran begins laying in color spots all over the paper.  Her progression is from hard to soft pastel and from top to bottom.  With continued perseverance he scraggly stage begins to take form.  It’s as if the work takes on a life of its own.   Fran and the work are in close communion.  It is going so well.  Fran is ecstatic, flying high, and so very appreciative of this gift.

The ultimate validation is when people engage me in conversation perhaps telling of an incident in their lives that relates to the work, or how the work flows, or how the colors, mood excite them, or this particular little gem is just what’s needed by the reading chair

Kay Smith 

Kay Smith

Born in 1946, in Hope, Arkansas, Kay Smith is a Pastel Artist.  Although having no formal art training, Kay has taken various workshops in oil painting and pastel painting as well as studying under Christie Cassell, a gifted portrait artist in Shreveport.  Studying with Christie, Kay gained much knowledge and skill in painting with pastels ,mainly learning to paint portraits in pastels.
Floral Colors by Kay Smith
Kay has received numerous awards for her work and is a member of the Shreveport Pastel Society, Bossier Creative Art Connection and the Shreveport Art Club.

I have several different interests which include gardening, reading, enjoying my grandchildren and a primary interest in art.  Pastels, pencil studies and pen and ink are my major focus.  My main subject matter is people, animals and landscapes.  I enjoy bright colors and am striving to be more impressionistic in my work rather than quite so controlled.

Robert Smith

Candle by Robert Smith
Born in Amarillo, Texas in 1945, Robert moved to Shreveport, Louisiana area in 1949.  He graduated from Woodlawn High School in 1963.  His love of drawing/painting was put on the back burner in order to provide for his family, but when he retired from being an AC-Technician he finally began seriously painting.  Robert’s mother said the first time (age 4) she gave him a pencil and some paper, he amazed her by drawing a dog.  He drew with pencil and charcoal until age 44.  At 44 he experimented with other mediums such as watercolor, pastels and acrylics.  A whole new world opened up!
As a self-taught artist, he has learned from art magazines, books and the internet.  Robert hopes to inspire other individuals, that love art, it is never too late to follow your dreams. Robert is a member of the Shreveport Art Club and Shreveport Pastel Society.

I paint for the sheer joy of creating something where there was nothing.  At this point in my career, I paint only that which I wish to paint.  That is to say, I paint for the color, reflections, shadows and refractions that catch my eye.  I do not paint abstractly, although I may try that style someday.  I have only lately begun to sell my art work, but many of my works are on display in the homes of friends and family, which gives me great satisfaction.
I work mostly with pastels and some acrylics and watercolor.  I paint a variety of subjects; landscapes, still life, seascapes, animal life and portraits.  My choice of medium depends on the subject.  Subjects with hard edges and/or reflection/refractions are generally composed with acrylics and the softer subjects are composed in pastels.  I try to invoke memories from places and things we have all probably experienced.
Each new painting is also a learning experience.  I paint for me and hope someone else will enjoy it too.

Melba Miller

Melba Miller

  I love art and painting nature, animals, birds, landscapes, the light and I love color.  There is so much beauty to paint, art helps to see the beauty in our world.  People think they can’t afford art for their homes, but they can and should have it to enjoy.

I’ve been painting more than 25 years and have 
Boxer by Melba Miller
taken many workshops.  I painted in oils for 10 years before I learned watercolor, acrylic, pastel and collage.  I learned art and the medium doesn’t matter.  My mentors are June Tyler, Luphilla Middlebrooks and Shelia Parsons. The more I learn, the more I want to learn – you never stop learning. I’ve been a member of the Shreveport Art Club, the LA Society of Animal Artists and the Pastel Society for many years and won many awards.  I’ve participated in the Artport Show at the Municipal Airport for many years and have sold from these shows.

Ginger Elliot Briggs 

Ginger Elliot Briggs
Jellyfish by Ginger Elliot Briggs

Ginger’s formal art education began in 1978 at the age of 12 under the tutelage of Larry Casso, owner of Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy, which she attended for five years.  At BRFAA, Ginger learned the “Old Masters” technique of drawing and painting while working in several mediums: charcoal, pastel, pencil, scratchboard, pen and ink, watercolor, gouache and acrylic.  Today, Ginger’s most recent works include landscapes and animals in pastels and watercolor, and several abstract pieces in watercolor and mixed media.  Ginger is currently a member of the Shreveport Pastel Society and Bossier Arts Council.

Carolyn Pitts

Carolyn Pitts
 Carolyn Pitts is a Louisiana wildlife artist and photographer who lives with her husband in Benton, Louisiana. A wildlife conservationist at heart she specialists in landscapes, wildlife and pet portraits. She fell in love with the outdoors in South Louisiana hunting and fishing with her husband, Jeffrey.
Mike by Carolyn Pitts
It is through Pitts' personal travels and experiences that she is able to bring such beauty and depth to her paintings. She has traveled as far as the South Louisiana wetlands, to the Ozark Mountains, Colorado's Rocky Mountains, Montana, Yellowstone National Park, East and West Coast in the United States collecting information and observing wildlife for her references for her paintings. Her travels has also, taken her to England, Italy, Kruger National Park and Tshuksudu Game Reserve in South Africa. Pitts experiences in the wild, observing wildlife in its natural environment, capturing rare moments with her photography and paintings brings her great artistic motivation. She enjoys sharing  the beauty of nature and the sense of freedom with others through her photographs and paintings.
Among the techniques Pitts use are oil, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic. She has studied under wildlife artist  John Seerey - Lester, Kobus Moller, Don Edwards, Cory Carlson, Allan Flattman, Virginia Vaughn, Kitty Wallis, Mike Windberg, Dalhart Windberg , Mark McHaffey  and Morgan Samuel Price. 
Pitts' is an active member  in Louisiana Society of Animal Artist, Shreveport Pastel Society and  Shreveport Art Club and Shreveport Hoover Society.  She  teaches  art  at her studio. 

I am a self-taught artist and a Shreveport native.  Most of my life has had some form of art exposure.  My mother used pastels and pen & ink in most of her work which I always admired.  She is the reason I wanted to learn to work in the pastel medium.
The acrylic work came about when I was commissioned to do an abstract piece and found that I loved the heaviness, boldness and color.
Marion Davis
Guidance has been provided by Barbara Russell and Fran Barlow.   
This summer, I was fortunate enough to take a workshop with Alan Flattmann.  It was wonderful!  I find I like to work large and a little strong in color. There is a lot to learn and I am headed in that direction.

Although I have been an “artist” most of my life, I have just recently put this talent to work by exploring acrylics and pastels.  My mother is an artist and I remember fondly some of the commissioned work she did when I was younger, in pastels.  So, I have ventured there.
The texture and boldness of acrylics makes me happy, so I work with them too.  

Christie Cassell

Like many artists I  spent countless hours as a child doodling on my Big Chief pad, and painting with my set of Prang watercolors. One of my favorite pastimes was sketching from old black and white photos of people. As a teen I discovered art classes in high school and  became totally enthralled with drawing fashion ads and faces from magazines, as well as class projects such as drawing still-life setups, and landscapes. In college I pursued a degree in Advertising Design (before computers!), in which most of my classes were fine art based, and illustration became my strength. So it’s not surprising today that as a professional artist I lean toward the realist tradition and that my first love is still portraiture and figure painting.
The mediums with which I paint are primarily pastel and oil, and occasionally charcoal or conte crayon, although for years I focused on watercolor and still love its’ unbelievable transparency.
Althea & Plums by Christie Cassell
  In still-life, landscape, or floral painting it is the lighting that intrigues me most: from the soft shimmer of low light, to the halo of back-lighting; or the bright and streaming sunshine kissing those objects and giving them form, life, and dazzling color. My focus this year has been on painting from life, therefore the still-life paintings in this exhibit are just that: painted directly from a set-up in my studio.  In portraiture, each time I paint I fall in love with the glowing skin tones and subtly reflected colors under various lighting conditions.
     My ultimate delight remains portraiture and figures; in seeing that person “come alive” on my canvas or paper. The very act of painting for its own sake is an adventure and extremely rewarding, but the icing on the cake is the appreciation from that person as they see themselves, or a beloved family member, captured forever with only paint and paper.  It makes me smile.
    Painting is truly, for me, a celebration of the gift of life!  The joy of creating and constantly learning is the gift I’ve been given to share, and I’m deeply grateful.

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