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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Business of Art- Opportunity

     Recently at the Bossier Arts Council we were given the opportunity to expand our gallery space beyond the walls of our headquarters. This is becoming a gem in the community because local businesses see the potential to increase the appeal of their spaces while at the same time giving local artists a space to display their artwork. 

     I had a conversation about this expansion with an artist and was completely shocked by their response of "My artwork can only hang in a gallery." As a person whose job it is to match buyers and sellers I found this opinion to be against the basic principles of business. If you have artwork to sell and an opportunity opens up for you to sell the artwork, TAKE IT!! 

     Many artists in this area have closets/studios full of artwork that no one sees and are simply collecting dust. I feel that it is the responsibility of artists and arts organizations to raise awareness of original art and find ways to display it. Please let us know of ways we can help you as an artist promote your artwork and sign up for our Artist One Stop classes to learn about what it takes to be an artist both creatively and financially. 

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