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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Experience @ Pet Savers (article by Carson Grill BAC Mentee)

Photograph by Carson Grill
Visiting Pet Savers was very sad and moving.  There were lots of dogs and cats; some of the dogs were not in cages and could walk around, but most of the dogs were in pens. They do get out every once in a while to play and use the bathroom. The dogs were very sweet, as the ones that were not in cages came up to me and were very happy to see me. The cats were nice as well and they also were able to lounge around, as they not in cages as well.

The stories of the animals were the saddest part of visiting the shelter. Most had been abandoned or surrendered to the shelter. Some of the dogs, especially the Pit Bulls, had been or, will be, at the shelter their whole lives. Many of them, especially the ones that have been there a long time, are never adopted.  Some of the owners who surrender their dogs put their dogs over the fence, thinking they are saving them, but they really are not as some of the dogs kill them.

Photograph by Carson Grill
One story about one of the dogs was particularly moving and sad. One look at this dog and you would know that it was loved and cared for. It had a pink sweater on and was very energetic. It looked confused like it didn’t know what it was doing there. Its owners had abandoned their dog at the shelter after they learned that they were expecting a baby and decided they couldn’t keep the dog.

It is a sad story that could have been prevented. Dogs are not disposable just for your convenience.  There are many other dogs and cats like these who need a home. It is people like you who can make a difference. One is by adopting at an animal shelter, or if you are not ready for that commitment yet, you can make a donation to an animal shelter like Pet Savers. If you would like to donate, please come by my art show which is on November 10th, and make a donation if you wish. I hope to use art to make a difference in an animal’s life since just helping one animal can make a big difference.

Many animal shelters are in dire need of donations and supplies to keep caring for and loving these animals. Also, spay and neuter your pets to prevent more animals from entering animal shelters.

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