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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Business of Art- Creating Habits

I have been reorganizing my office for what seems like months but in reality has been less than a week. It is an overwhelming job but it got me thinking, what else needs to be restructured in your life? This thought is carrying over into my house and it seems like all I needed was a boost to jump start on a new way of doing things.

I read an article this weekend that really changed my views of habits and the way your mind really does control you. It said that in order to really create a new habit you must commit to it for two months!! The reasoning behind this being that your mind hates change and would much rather be on auto pilot because it uses less energy.

Habits are something that need to be updated or created in order to be the person you desire to be. The little things like thank you notes or recording your expenses will really make a difference in the relationships that you build with your customers and make it easier to keep up with your art work. 

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