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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Little Brush That Could- Week 12

Need something to do with all those pumpkin seeds??
This pumpkin seed necklace makes a great accessory for Halloween and perfect for a costume accessory!
You will need:
Pumpkin seeds (roasted)
Paint (orange, black, white and green)
Needle and thread
(Kitchen foil to put seeds on while you paint them)
Paint your pumpkin seeds in orange, green, white and black. The easiest way to do this is to put them on kitchen foil so that they will not stick to anything while they dry. But it is a very messy job (We like messy!)
When your seeds are dry, thread your needle with a length of thread long enough to go over your head with 3 or 4 inches to spare. Put your seeds a few at a time on a pile on newspaper or a thin sponge. One by one push the needle down through the seed - when you have pierced the seed safely, pick it up and pull it through the thread.

Pumpkin seed necklace

Pumpkin seed necklace close up
When your thread is about two thirds filled, knot the ends together tightly.
Note: you need a sharp needle for this so make sure children are well supervised or that an adult does the threading.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Secrets of an Arts Administrator

Is a weekly blog post by BAC's Executive Director, Leigh Anne Chambers.

Topic: Leaving a Legacy

What does it mean to leave a legacy?  This past week the Bossier Arts Council learned that one of our past Board Members, John Cook, had recently passed away.

A few weeks ago the staff, interns, and I had found a couple of scrap books while cleaning out some closets.   As often happens while cleaning we became side tracked and spent quite a while looking through the legacy of the Bossier Arts Council.  One can hear stories or read a history but it's quite a difference to see pictures, articles, playbills, posters, and handwritten cards.  We became immersed in the history and it prompted discussions about our future.  In retrospect it was time well spent.

I remembered seeing John Cook's name so yesterday we pulled them out again.  This time to find articles and images we could copy and send to his family.  It was obvious that the arts and the Bossier Arts Council was important to him.  That he was not only a supporter but an advocate and participant.  It was obvious while flipping through the past that he had left his footprint here.  He helped foster the place we call home.

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you John Cook I want to say thank you.  Thank you for your time and commitment.  Thank you for your support.  And most importantly thank you for leaving a legacy.

A memorial service will take place today (Thursday, September 27th) at the First United Methodist Church in Shreveport at 2pm.  A reception for friends and family will be held later today at Hill Crest Funeral Home in Haughton, LA from 5-8pm.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

bac's Featured Artist of the Week

As you all know the bac is revamping it's giftshop and because of this, we want you to get to know our artists a little better.  This week we want to introduce a very special artist in our community, Otis Littlejohn.  He was born in Shiloh, Texas on August 25, 1921 to a family of six boys and five girls.  He graduated from Linden High School and went on to join the United States Navy in 1941, where he served on the U.S.S Long in WWII.  He married Anna Krupta in 1947 and they had three children.  He became a master cabinet builder and spent the majority of his career at Custom-Bilt Cabinet and Supply.  His beautiful wood pieces are a testament to his craftmanship and his intense patriotism. Check out the new bac gift shop facebook page for images of Mr. Littlejohns' work and the other great artists featured.

2013 Decentralized Arts Funding Recipients

The Bossier Arts Council is pleased to announce its 2013 Decentralized Arts Funding recipients. The Louisiana Decentralized Arts Fund Program, initiated in 1995, makes the arts available in every parish in the State of Louisiana by providing grant funding for artists, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and local government agencies. Some of the goals of this program are to strengthen arts organizations and encourage professional artists to undertake projects that have meaningful community involvement and build audiences for the arts.

The recipients for this year’s Decentralized Arts Funding are: The Bossier Parish Talented Arts Program presenting “The Way It Is”, The Company Repertory Theatre presenting “Theatre Eclectic”, The Prevailing Winds presenting “Prevailing Winds Symphonic Band Concert Series”, and Apollo Elementary School presenting “Shreveport Opera Xpress’s The Ugly Duckling.”

The Decentralized Arts Funding Program is supported in part by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism, in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal agency.

For more information about Decentralized Arts Funding or the Bossier Arts Council feel free to call us at 741-8310 or visit our website at

Friday, September 21, 2012

BAC's Emerging Gallery to present Frank Herbert

The Bossier Arts Council Emerging Artist Gallery is thrilled to announce an exhibition of artwork by regional artist Frank Herbert.  His show will feature his acrylic paintings.  His works will be on display throughout the month of October.

Herbert who received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University and his Masters of Fine Arts from Colorado University currently teaches classes in American Sign Language at Longview High School. When asked about the upcoming exhibition he responded “The paintings in this show are the result of following those recurring visual impulses that come to me, often mixed from memories and daydreams. Some keep coming back until I make something with them -  snakes in my mother’s gardens, camp fires behind the levee, huge reptiles on Airline highway billboards, boats sharing the bayou with the alligators, fallen trees after the hurricanes, ferns growing out of brick walls, and an island of monkeys at the Audubon Zoo.”

The Emerging Artist Gallery is a project of the Bossier Arts Council and is committed to promoting art work of regional artists.  It is located in BAC headquarters at 630 Barksdale Blvd. right off of I-20.  You can visit the gallery Tuesday-Saturday from 11:00am-6:00pm or by appointment. 

For more information about Frank Herbert or the Bossier Arts Council feel free to call us at 741-8310 or visit our website at

The Little Brush that Could-Week 11

Leah is my best friend. We met in middle school and have been inseparable ever since. When my daughter was born, Leah instantly became her second mother. She was the one that bought all the loud toys and the play-dough and all the new things that I was afraid of as a new mom. ( I was a little more high strung in those days). On my daughter's first birthday, Leah bought her this box of finger-paint and it scared the crap out of me. You know... all of those.."what if she eats it???" and "how will I get it out her clothes???". Looking back now it really was ridiculous to be scared of a little box of finger-paint. I am so grateful that I opened that little box. From creating a calender with monthly foot prints to Christmas ornaments, that was one of the best presents that we ever received. It opened a door for us to explore new ways of creating something together and I learned that messy is more fun!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Carson Gill's Senior Project

My name is Carson Grill and I am a senior at Benton High School.   I am doing my senior project paper on overpopulation of animals and animal shelters, and my project is an art show to benefit a local pet shelter, Pet Savers, in Shreveport.

I am looking for local artists of any age that would like to contribute any medium of art to be part of this art show.  It would be great if the art were animal related, but anything would be appreciated.  I would recommend at least 20% of the proceeds of any art sold to be donated to Pet Savers, a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, protect and place abandoned or unwanted pets and provide funds for neutering, spaying and other veterinary care.  They provide a safe, no-kill alternative to Animal Control.

The art show is scheduled for November 10, 2012 from 3-6pm.   It will be held at the Bossier Arts Council’s annex at 630 Barksdale Blvd.  

I need your help to make this art show a success!  Any art contributions would be greatly appreciated.  Please call me at 318-560-6495, or e-mail me at if you are interested in being a part of this fundraiser. 

Thank you so much for your help!


Carson Grill

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stop Over Saturday series

Look what is coming up starting in October!  Stop Over Saturday series- It is important for the Bossier Arts Council to connect with the community, and what better way, then showcasing our amazing facility.  On Saturday, October 13, 2012 there will be two classes featuring lessons in improvisational acting, The Art of Improv, for school age children, is from 11-12:30pm and later starting at 2pm and ending at 3:30pm is the adult class.   Next on Saturday, November 3, 2012 will be our artists in residence studio tours, Studio Spotlight, which will be a guided tour and an introduction to the artists.  The tours are at 12-2 and 4pm and will offer an opportunity to see the process of making art, as well as, satisfying any curiosities about what it is like to be a professional artist.  The final Saturday of the Stop Over Saturday series will be on December 1, 2012, The Kids Only Drop Off Party, will be from 11am-6pm.  Children ages 5 and up will enjoy arts, crafts, movies and other fun activities, snacks will be provided, but we ask that you bring your child a sack lunch, the price is $10.  Please make reservations in advance at the Bossier Arts Council, 630 Barksdale Boulevard, Bossier City, and (318) 741-8307.

"Dodging Bullets": The Strike

By Trey Bryant

Stage Struck
     The River City Repertory Theatre's one-man-show "Dodging Bullets" completed it's run on Sunday September 16th, and received amazing feedback from audience members. We would like to take the time to thank those at River City Repertory Theatre for staging a very poignant show here at East Bank, and look forward to seeing more from writer and star of "Dodging Bullets", David Barker.  

Green Room
     The theatre has been cleaned and prepared for the next company to move in.  The Mahogany Ensemble Theatre group, M.E.C.C.A., will be making the East Bank Theatre their home from September 27 until October the 6th for the 3rd biennial Southern Black Theatre Festival. The M.E.C.C.A. group, much like the Bossier Arts Council, has the goal of enriching the lives of others through the beauty of the arts, and as the next show approaches, East Bank is continuing with the improvement of our theatre's stage, lighting instruments, and backstage area as an on going effort to improve the quality of life of people by bringing the arts to those in Bossier Parish. Please keep up-to-date on all things B.A.C. by visiting out website at

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Opening @ Bossier Arts Council

If you haven't stopped by the Bossier Arts Council this month than you are missing seeing two of the most prolific artists work I have ever met.  These two individuals are dedicated to producing a variety of work in a variety of mediums sculpture, painting, scrim shaw, fantastical creatures, and drawings are only some examples.  Have no fear, we will be hosting an opening reception Friday, September 14th starting at 5:30pm.  The perfect stop (630 Barksdale Blvd) on your drive home we hope you join us for treats and wonderful art.

Lynn Laird a prolific artist who works in a variety of mediums has exhibited extensively in both Bossier and Shreveport.  Always being one to seek out new avenues of self expression she explores a variety of styles.  When asked about her upcoming show Follow the Octopus she responded.  “The exhibition embraces this sinuous marine animal’s ability to adapt instantly, morphing in both color and texture as it moves through different environments.  The ability of the Octopus to operate its four separate sets of articulated legs independently is reflected in the enthusiasm that our artist, Lynn Laird, embraces the multiple mediums of scrimshaw, painting, illustration, and photography.  As you move through the main gallery viewing artworks produced in distinctly different styles from traditional to brightly whimsical, we hope that you too will be touched by the passion in which they were created.” 

Steve Zihlavsky a regional artist who works in mixed media to create abstract creations.  When asked about his work and upcoming exhibition he responded  “As my skin wrinkles I'm endeavoring to learn more than ever from every artist and everyone I encounter and absorb new knowledge, skills and ideas to augment my current library.  I want “no boundaries” in my creative process, but until then I will widen my range and push for spectators to not be amused, but, rather puzzled, surprised, confused, tickled or anything other than amused.  More importantly, I hope to broaden the scope of thinking, for children especially, in every aspect of life; to step outside the cone of societal thought and ponder in ways more like the plastic amorphous brainscape all of us had in youth did.

Artist One Stop Classes

The Bossier Arts Council is the proud home to Artist One Stop the only business resource center managed by an Arts Council in Louisiana.  The center is here to help artists on their journey as entrepreneurs.  In that spirit we are pleased to announce the first set of classes to be offered this fall.

Each class will begin at 1pm and last approximately two hours.  They will focus on the basics of each program as well as explore the different uses for artists.

All classes will be taught at the Bossier Arts Council, 630 Barksdale Blvd, Bossier City 71111.  The classes are free to Bossier Arts Council members.  Please call 741-8310 space is limited and we will go by first come first serve.  

6th: Introduction to Word for Artists
(We will go over the basic functions of Word.  Then we will cover writing an Artist Statement & Bio)
20th: Introduction to Excel for Artists
(We will go over the basic function of Excel.  Then we will cover creating an inventory and mailing list)
27th: Introduction to Power Point for Artists
(We will go over the basic function of Power Point.  Then we will cover doing an Artist Talk)

10th: Intermediate Word for Artists
(We will go over advanced functions on Word.  Then we will cover writing an Artist Resume)
17th: Intermediate Excel for Artists
(We will go over advanced function on Excel.  Then we will cover creating a budget for both personal use and grant applications.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Show About Forgiveness

One of my favorite things about working for an Arts Council is the opportunity to be surrounded by  a variety of artforms and artists.  This weekend alone we will have fine art opening featuring two very unique artists and a live theatrical performance.  

Today I want to take a moment to talk about River City Repertory Theatre (RCRT) 7th season opener "Dodging Bullets".  I had the opportunity to sit down with the star of this one man show David Barker and Artistic Director of RCRT Patrick McWilliams to get their thoughts on this exciting performance.

When I asked David Barker to sum up the show in a few word he said "This show is about forgiveness." 

On July 16th, 2004 at 12:15pm in an upscale Boston suburb, his brother-in-law, a successful brain surgeon, tried to kill Barker's sister and Barker himself as his 16 year old niece watched.  Barker turned this experience into a solo performance where he acts out all ten characters involved in the production.   

When I asked McWilliams why this production was important for the Repertory Theatre to bring to the Shreveport-Bossier area he replied "With our season we are trying to show different types of theatre we are not currently exposed to in this area.  A one man show is one of those important variations." 

On Friday thru Sunday there will be a talk back session about the play and domestic violence immediately following the show.   

"Dodging Bullets" will run this weekend (Thursday-Sunday) September 13-15th at 7:30pm and September 16th at 3:00pm at the East Bank Theatre located in Bossier Arts Council's headquarters 630 Barksdale Blvd.  Tickets are $25 for all seats and $10 last minute (30min prior to curtain) for students and military with valid ids.  For reservations or more information call 318-868-5888.

The Bossier Arts Council hopes you support RCRT and their guest artist David Barker this weekend.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Little Brush that Could-week10

So not only is my blog going to post late today, it is also going to be short. I am spending time with my family volunteering at Digifest South 2012.

DigiFest South is an annual digital arts festival, tech exposé and career fair that celebrates how digital technology has combined with artistic creativity to shape our modern society. The events includes a digital art exhibition by student and independent artists and a career fair featuring the most cutting edge companies and educational institutions in the region.

One of the main messages expressed with this event is that art education is more than a school elective; it is a powerful vocational element and key to a well rounded education that translates to lucrative career opportunities. DigiFest will demonstrate how art combined with technology leads to the innovations that shape our modern way of life and the direct contribution to strong economic development and cultural transformations.
TEDx Red River is leading a series of talks showcasing artistic creation utilizing technology and the economic and social impact it has on us past, present, and future. Participants will include world class companies and experts who specialize in digital media and state of the art technology. These include Academy Award Winner Moonbot Studios, Twin Engine Labs, Blade Studios, Worldwide FX, the Cyber Innovation Center, Venyu, and many more.

The event exhibits digital art genres made possible by the latest technologies that include, but are not limited to:
  • · 3D design and animation
  • · Digital Sculpture (robotics)
  • · Graphic design and motion graphics
  • · Digital photography
  • · Digital video and film
  • · CG Animation
  • · Mechanical and architectural design
  • · Digital sound and music

The three day event is scheduled for 7-9 September 2012 at the Bossier Civic Center, 620 Benton Rd., Bossier City, Louisiana.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TedxRedRiver Schedule

During Friday and Saturday evening DigiFest along with TEDxRedRiver will be hosting TED talks at the Bossier Civic Center.

| TED: Ideas Worth Spreading |
Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world. Find out more on TED at 

| Friday, September 7th |
5:00pm: Michael J. Marshall of Logic Nation
5:30pm: Loren Demerath, Mark Goadrich, Michelle Glaros, Jessica Hawkins of Centenary College of Louisiana
6:00pm: G.B. Cazes of Cyber Innovation Center
6:30pm: Pam Atchison of Shreveport Regional Arts Council
7:00pm: John Miralles of LSUS Digital Media Dept. Director
7:30pm: Heath Williams of LA Economic Development
8:00pm: Raffaele Scaduto-Mendola and Dr. Hollister of LSU Health Science
8:30pm: Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios

| Saturday, September 8th |

5:00pm: Jason Goodman of 21st Century 3D
5:30pm: William Willoughby of LA Tech Architecture Department
6:00pm: Evan Smith of Pixel Dash Studios
6:30pm: TBA
7:00pm: Gregory Kallenberg of Rational Middle
7:30pm: Ken Hanson of Twin Engine Labs
8:00pm: Brady Blade of Blade Studios
8:30pm: Mike McSwain of Mike McSwain Architect

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Don't Go Towards the Light[booth]!

Don't Go Towards the Light[booth]!
By: Trey Bryant

     Or, do! Through the continuous cycle of theatre, art, and events --it is a fair admission-- the organization of our lighting facilities has been neglected to an extent. But, no more! It is the pleasure of this post to announce the beginnings of renovations to our lighting facilities.

Instrument Panel

Added Organizational Space

      The process, already under-way for two weeks, involves the total clearing of the booth, reorganization of gels, gobos, instruments, lamps, instrumentals, and establishment of a nine area lighting plot. The added organization will give full ease of access to individual instrument gels; this helps to showcase the full range of the lighting spectrum that can be offered by the Bossier Arts Council theater. That is the basis of being able to offer the users of our facility the maximum possible combination of stage lighting with the accessibility it has always needed.

Gel Storage

    Renovations are to continue, and there are many other exciting announcements to come! So, check back periodically.