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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Little Brush that Could- Week 7

Parents are the biggest influence on a child’s confidence level and their outlook in life. Without even knowing it, you could be a reflection in your child's eyes of  missed opportunities, disappointments and bitterness because of past negative experiences. You may make them afraid to take risks or try out new things.
The physical impression that a person has of him/herself is very important. A child may feel inferior when compared with another person. Comments by kids related to physical traits that are different, may negatively influence young children. Such comments can create low self esteem, especially during the preteen years, this becomes even more important when the person is trying to establish an identity.
A self-portrait is a great project to work on with your child, I affords you the opportunity to see your child as they see themselves. Kids are brutally honest and it shows in their artwork. Ask your child to create an image of themselves and maybe an image of you or someone that they look up to. Look at piece. I mean really look at it. Look for signs of low self-esteem or traits that your child may find bothersome. This is a case where a picture really can say a thousand words.

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