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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturdays with James

Today I want to talk about 2 different areas in which you can volunteer at Digifest South (September 7-9th) 2012. The first area I will talk about is Front Desk Check in.

The job duties for Front Desk Check in are:
· Box Office Help
This area is relatively simple. All you do is help the Box Office employee take tickets and check people in.

The next area I will talk about are the Greeters and Guides
The Job Duties for the Greeters and Guides are:
· Greet people at the Doors of the 2 main Halls
· Guide them to where they want to visit whether it be Game Jam, Tech Expose, Career Fair, or any one of the other areas at Digifest South 2012
These areas are probably the most important of all the positions. This is because you have to be courteous and respectful to everyone and keep a smile on your face. Guests do not want to see someone who is just standing there minding their own business and not greeting anyone. They want to be greeted kindly. The guides will have have to know where everything is located. Guests would not be to happy if you direct them to the wrong area. Your image you put out will help guest decide if this is a fun, educational event or if they are wasting there time. We sure do not want them to think they are wasting their time now do we? So you need to have fun. Interact with these guests; you may make life long friends in the process.

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