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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Business of Art- Ready to Hang

So what exactly does “ready to hang” mean?

This phrase gets used in the art world to describe the condition of the artwork when turning it into a show. 
The idea behind this is to have a product that is ready for immediate consumption. For example, most people do not bake their own bread; they go to the market and take it home. This also applies to artwork. All artwork should be completely finished, dry, wired and ready to move from the gallery or market onto someone’s wall in their house. You have to think of this from the consumer’s side. It is frustrating and can get pricey, but in the end a clean finish on a piece of artwork will make it sell faster than something that is held together with paper clips. The finished product is something that can be planned from the start of the piece because you get to choose the material to create your piece on.  Canvas is very easy to hang because wire is all that is necessary. 

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