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Friday, July 20, 2012

"The Little Brush that Could"- Week 3

I love summer! I love that the kids are out of school and that we have the freedom to travel. Each year, we take the kids on a two week road trip. The first year we went, they spent most of their time in the car playing with their video games or complaining about the amount of time in the car. It made me so sad that they were missing out on the beautiful scenery and the calmness you feel from just riding in the car.
The next year, I decided to try to engage them with activities that required them to look outside the windows. I bought them each a journal and some disposable cameras. I was amazed at how the trip looked through their eyes. The journals and pictures are a representation of how the kids have matured as individuals, as well as, a scrapbook of our travels. It engages their creativity and their imaginations. They have now graduated to digital cameras, but the journal are still a trip staple.

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