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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Job of an Intern

Hi, my name is James Holoubek, I am an Intern at the Bossier Arts Council. A lot of the time people see an internship as an unpaid job that you just file papers, answer the phone, and do bottom of the totem pole tasks. Well that is not the case here.

            So far as the Intern here at the Bossier Arts Council I have been appointed the position of the Volunteer Coordinator of Digifest South 2012 and by far this is not a bottom of the totem pole task. Digifest South 2012 is a Career Fair and Tech Exposition that combines the Art Community and Digital Media World into one place. This is a top priority job. I have to make a poster for distribution, press release to send to the newspaper here in town and come up with nearly 200 volunteers.

            Yes a lot of people who have done internships would probably say that this is too much work for an intern to do with the amount of hours an intern works. I would totally disagree with them. It will be a lot of work but the way I see it the more work you do, the more employers will want you to come work for them. Yes this internship is unpaid but you know what. Employers will see that you put all this work in for no pay and that will make them want you more. Internships are not about getting paid to do them, they are about gaining knowledge of the career field you want to go into in the real world and not just in the classroom.

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