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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Business of Art- Photographing Your Work

After the completion of your artwork, the next step should be photographing your work for your records and to create a digital sample of the work for your portfolio.

It has become essential to have digital photographs of your work. They are used in social media, gallery submissions or even to quickly show your artwork to family and friends. For everyday use, the use of a digital camera or phone for photographing your artwork is great!

While most of you do have digital cameras, they alone do not produce the quality image desired for use in an artists’ portfolio. Professional lighting and a blank background are ideal for photographing artwork because it provides even lighting through multiple light sources without a busy background to distract from the piece. It is also helpful at this stage to photograph your work before you frame it as to avoid glare from the glass.

If you do not have access to professional lighting equipment please schedule an appointment with the BAC! We received a grant through the Community Foundation and now offer professional lighting equipment for your use!

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