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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Secrets of an Arts Administrator

Secrets of an Arts Administrator will be a weekly blog post written by BAC's Executive Director, Leigh Anne Chambers.

Topic: Revolution

Bossier Arts Council slogan is "The arts revolution starts here".  Since I began my employment here I've seen this posted on our website, printed publicity, and around the building.  I've never thought of myself as a revolutionary.  In fact being in a place where the "arts revolution" is suppose to start is down right frightening.

While cleaning my office today I began to ponder "what is a revolution"?  How do I become revolutionary?  Being your typical person I sat down and googled it.  (I have no shame that my first response to a question is to google).  I started with the definition...

"A dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it".  (

Well, that is not exactly what I thought.  I guess when I imagined a revolution I thought of this...

The definition seems a little less frightening.  It made me rethink what it means to be the start of the arts revolution.  Actually, on second thought it seems like a perfect description of the Bossier Arts Council. We are attempting to make a dramatic change in the way art works, is organized, and the way people think about it.  I don't find that frightening at all.  In fact I find it thriling.

Last week I blogged briefly about our upcoming DigiFest.  (If you missed it scroll down).  That is exactly what that event is about.  It's about changing the way we perceive careers in the "arts".  It's also about changing the way we define "art" and "technology".  Here's a statement about the event taken directly from our website.

One of the main messages expressed with this event is that art education is more than a school elective; it is a powerful vocational element and key to a well rounded education that translates to lucrative career opportunities. DigiFest will demonstrate how art combined with technology leads to the innovations that shape our modern way of life and the direct contribution to strong economic development and cultural transformations.

That seems pretty "revolutionary" to me.

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