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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Secrets of Arts Administrator "Risk"

This will be a weekly blog post written by Leigh Anne Chambers, Executive Director of BAC, every Thursday.

Today I am thinking about "risk". What does it mean to take a risk? As I move forward with my relocation to Bossier I find myself almost drowning in my own fears of "risk".

What might you ask does this have to do with art? Well, in some ways that is what I love the most about the arts, the level of risk that is involved. As artists and arts agencies risk taking is a daily part of our lives. Facing the fear of failure head on and plowing on through. I think that is when we discover the most about ourselves and the world around us.

As you may know Bossier Arts Council is in the midst of planning our first Annual Digi Fest. This event will focus on demonstrating how art combined with technology leads to the innovations that shape our modern day of life. As part of this festival we will have Art Competition and I as discuss this event many artist reply that they are frightened of technology particularly utilizing it as an artistic medium.

Today I would like to invite our regional artist to take a "risk". Try something new and a little bit scary.

After all with great risk comes a great reward.

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