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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Little Brush That Could- Week 2

“The Little Brush That Could”  Week-2

This is one of those art projects that are perfect for rainy days. 
It is a great way to recycle old puzzles and puzzles that are missing pieces. My son and I made a puzzle frame one day while his big sister was at school.  I remember how excited he was to be able to use the glue all by himself. He worked for hours, finding just the right spot for each puzzle piece. It is one of my most treasured ornaments and it still hangs on my Christmas tree every year.

HINT: Grandmas REALLY like these for their Christmas trees or Mantles!!

What You Need:
  • picture of your child, pet, etc.
  • piece of cardboard (painted), cut 1” larger than picture on all sides
  • puzzle pieces
  • glue
  •  (Optional)magnetic strips or ribbon for hanging                                                                      
 What To Do:
  • Have child glue their picture in the center of the cardboard.
  • Give your child a handful of puzzle pieces.
  • Have the child glue their puzzle pieces around their picture, overlapping as they go until the cardboard is covered. 
  • Let Dry  

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