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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A sip of ARTini 2012

Watch this video and experience a pre-tasting of what ARTini 2012 has in store. Thanks to Fairfield Studios, Dripping Springs Vodka and Stiffed Necked Fools for contributing to the success of ARTini and supporting the Bossier Arts Council.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What do you see?

This piece by Josh Chambers entitled "Next time, you be Santiago"is one of several now hanging in the Emerging Artist gallery at the Bossier Arts Council.


Josh Chambers Artist Statement
The stories I create are presented through cryptic tableaus inspired by my personal life. The viewer is to use his or her own perceptions of the symbols to extrapolate underlining themes and create an entertaining narrative. I encode the visual experience of private moments through the use of symbolic figures placed in ethereal landscape enacting indefinite scenarios. I want the viewer to have an active role in establishing the chronology and meaning of each story. In both painting and printmaking drawing plays a key role in the outcome of the artwork. I prefer the immediacy of painting with acrylic, and drawing with ink.

Share what story you interpret with this image and compare to others interpretations.