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Monday, January 28, 2013

River City Repertory Theatre Company Presents "Night of the Iguana" @ East Bank Theatre

Opening this week at the East Bank is River City Repertory Theatre's "Night of the Iguana".  This Tennessee Williams classic is considered by some to be the last of the playwright's major artistic, critical, and box office successes.  Like many of Williams work it explores the complicated nature of sexual relationships among odd and intriguing characters. 

Directed by Patric McWilliams this classic is sure to come alive on the intimate setting of the East Bank Theatre which has been transformed into a tropical location.  This past week I had a rare opportunity to speak with three actors in this much anticipated production and ask some very revealing questions about them and this challenging process. 

BOSSIER ARTS COUNCIL (BAC):  If you could use one word to describe this production what would it be?

PHILLIP JORDAN BROOKS: Lush or maybe Lavish.

BAC: What makes this particular production unique or interesting?

SUSAN KIRTON: RCRT is taking great pains to fully immerse the audience in the theater experience. They will feel as if they are in the jungle, in the hotel, as voyeurs to the action taking place. And as usual Patric McWilliams deft attention to detail allows the audience to get completely lost in the story without being distracted by costuming, set or technical errors. Everyone involved works professionally and brings their “A” game.

BAC: What is the most challenging aspect about being onstage?

JANIN POU: Finding the right interpretation of the line and then finding the most effective way to convey it through your voice, your inflection, your movement, your body language, and even your silences.

BAC: Why do you think that Tennessee Williams work is still applicable today?  Why do you think this piece in particular is important for modern audiences?

PHILLIP JORDAN BROOKS: This play is just as relevant today as it was when it was written.
Its timelessness comes from the themes you see in alot of Tennessee plays, the idea of desiring things that you can't have. Desiring them so much that it becomes an act of desperation, or desiring them to the extent that the characters mentally unravel. This play in particular has so much depth, and offers so many sub-themes, that modern audiences will be able to take away several ideas from it.

This production will be showing for one weekend only and begins this Thursday, January 31st at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $35 and can be purchased by calling 318-868-5888.  Production dates and times include the following:
  • January 31st at 7:30p
  • February 1st at 7:30p
  • February 2nd at 7:30p
  • February 3rd at 3p
Cast members include Phillip Jordan Brooks as Shannon, Susan Kirton as Maxine, Janin Pou as Hannah and Richard Folmer as Nonno. Also included in the cast are Peggy Byers, Mary Morgan Anglin, Shawn Dion, Leonard Yoakum and Adrian Gallegos.

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