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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Emerging Artist Chris McCaa

The Bossier Arts Council is proud to present the artwork of Chris McCoa. McCoa identifies himself as an eclectic artist of the Northern Louisiana region, rightfully so since he is well rounded in his talents. He is a songwriter during the day and by nightfall an artist and musician.

 McCoa was a former member of the 1980’s band, The Insatiables, having earned the MTV basement tapes. He also had an opportunity to play CBGB’s in New York City. McCoa is currently lead man in Professor Porkchop & the Dirty Dishes. Armed with a pen and instrument as a musician, clay and leather has been McCoa’s tools when in his artistic realm.

When asked the name of the technique, leather sculpture was his response. “My sculpture draws inspiration from the many diverse yet tolerant cultures in my native state of Louisiana”, stated McCoa. The New Orleans Museum of Art has also played its part as an influence. He continued, “Their primitive exhibit of Native American, Pre-Columbian and African art inspires me every time I see it. If you ever get down that way, check it out.” McCoa identifies himself as an eclectic artist of Northern region of Louisiana.

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