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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Bumped Off" An Original

Bossier Arts Council is committed to providing artistic opportunities for Bossier Parish.  We are thrilled to say tonight we start auditions for an original production titled "Bumped Off" written and directed by our very own Matt Latz.  With this production we are highlighting two very important art forms, literature and theatre.  It's not very often that a budding playwright gets to see his production come to "center stage".  We hope all our actors out there will come tonight (6pm @ BAC, 630 Barksdale Blvd, Bossier City) and be part of this amazing adventure.  

Below I've listed a character list with brief descriptions.  Hopefully this will get you prepared for an exciting night of auditioning!!

Bumped Off:
The Definitive Murder Mystery
Book by Mat Latz

Character Synopsis

  • ·       Tommy Tonuta: Male, Age 30’s to 50’s. A rumpled, Colombo esque private detective mirroring the age of film noir. Speaks in a slight New York accent.
  • ·       Charlene Chardonnay: Female, age 25-30. The busty, airheaded assistant to Mr. Tonuta. Accent is very Brooklyn bimbo. Often the only character who sees through the fourth wall, besides Tonuta.
  • ·       Imogene Lurlene McQueen: Female, age 30’s-40’s. A religious fanatic representative from the Divine church of foreshadowing. Accent is Southern.
  • ·       Chartreuse DeLaFlambe: Female, age 50’s to 60’s. The rich matriarch of the DeLaFlambe clan. She’s snooty and odd and loves being rich.
  • ·       Jeeves: Male, age 40’s-50’s. The quintessential butler. His real name is Bill, and he hates his life.
  • ·       Violet DeLaFlambe Smith: Female, age late 20’s early 30’s. Spoiled rotten daughter of Chartreuse and twin sister to Vermillion. Violet carries a lot of anger toward her family and is obsessed with plastic surgery.
  • ·       Peter Smith: Male, age late 20’s early 30’s. The seemingly normal husband of Violet. Much of a bore usually, but as we find out he’s quite the skirt chaser.
  • ·       Vermillion (Milly) DeLaFlambe: Male, age late 20’s early 30’s. The spaced out son of Chartreuse and twin brother to Violet. Milly has had a head injury and spends his time on stage emulating old movie actresses. He is the ‘femme fatale’ character.
  • ·       Angevine Perdeux: Female, age 20’s. The ‘French maid’ who is really a country bumpkin from Paris, Texas. Must be able to do a passable French and country accent.
  • ·       Hortense Sourkrowt: Male, age unspecified. The cook whom everyone thinks is a German Female, but is in all reality a British Male. Preferably a bearded male.
  • ·       Ho Ing: Male, age unspecified. The stereotypical Asian gardener. Does not speak very good English. He is very much a cliché.
  • ·       Mauve DelaFlambe Escallapino: Female, age 50’s to 60’s. The wheelchair bound sister to Chartreuse. She speaks only in incoherent muttering.
  • ·       Rusty Escallapino: Male, age early to mid 20’s. The stuffy, smarmy son of Mauve. Obsessed with money and status.
  • ·       Peggy PanCreass: Female, early 20’s. The personal nurse to Mauve and former leggy supermodel. She’s a bit accident prone.
  • ·       Burgundy DeLaFlambe: Female, age teens to early 20’s. Burgundy is the third ‘black sheep’ sister of Chartreuse and Mauve, who has recently taken ‘vacation’ from a mental hospital. She appears to be a young woman between 15-20 but is in reality in her 50’s.
  • ·       Madame Booglebay: Female, age 30’s to 40’s. She is the clichéd shrouded psychic gypsy with an unpronounceable name. She speaks with a heavy undeterminable accent.

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