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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artini: Save the Date

Shake in a little imagination, stir in a lot of creativity, and mix in some friendly competition.  The Bossier Arts Council (BAC) recently set the date for its upcoming ARTini Party.    The event will be held on March 9, 2013 at Boomtown Casino and Hotel.  This will be the fourth year for the emergent fundraiser.  ARTini helps provide funding for East Bank Theatre, East Bank Gallery, Arts-In-Education programming in Bossier schools, ArtWalk, and a wide range of classes and workshops available throughout the year.

The annual event will feature local pop artist, Tony Reans.  Reans works as an Adjunct Professor at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, and teaches classes on photography, Photoshop, and acrylic painting. His artwork has been featured in more than 23 exhibitions across the country and has won him more than 7 different awards.   “My world is a utopian paradise filled with zombies, robots, pirates, and ninjas, who hang out in mid-century modern homes and drink martinis while enjoying jazz records”, said Reans.
He continued by saying, “each one represents various irreducible aspects of the human condition, and facets of the human psyche. They aren't out to harm one another, as might be expected, but rather, the parties they attend and their luxurious surroundings create a friendly atmosphere. I leave the specific interpretation of each character up to the viewer.”
Ticket have not yet been put on sale but will go for $45.  For more information on ARTini visit  For more information on artist Tony Reans, visit

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