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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Don't Go Towards the Light[booth]!

Don't Go Towards the Light[booth]!
By: Trey Bryant

     Or, do! Through the continuous cycle of theatre, art, and events --it is a fair admission-- the organization of our lighting facilities has been neglected to an extent. But, no more! It is the pleasure of this post to announce the beginnings of renovations to our lighting facilities.

Instrument Panel

Added Organizational Space

      The process, already under-way for two weeks, involves the total clearing of the booth, reorganization of gels, gobos, instruments, lamps, instrumentals, and establishment of a nine area lighting plot. The added organization will give full ease of access to individual instrument gels; this helps to showcase the full range of the lighting spectrum that can be offered by the Bossier Arts Council theater. That is the basis of being able to offer the users of our facility the maximum possible combination of stage lighting with the accessibility it has always needed.

Gel Storage

    Renovations are to continue, and there are many other exciting announcements to come! So, check back periodically. 



  1. I am very proud of your hard work, Trey!

  2. Thanks Robin! I has been a Blast working with you guys!