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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Opening @ Bossier Arts Council

If you haven't stopped by the Bossier Arts Council this month than you are missing seeing two of the most prolific artists work I have ever met.  These two individuals are dedicated to producing a variety of work in a variety of mediums sculpture, painting, scrim shaw, fantastical creatures, and drawings are only some examples.  Have no fear, we will be hosting an opening reception Friday, September 14th starting at 5:30pm.  The perfect stop (630 Barksdale Blvd) on your drive home we hope you join us for treats and wonderful art.

Lynn Laird a prolific artist who works in a variety of mediums has exhibited extensively in both Bossier and Shreveport.  Always being one to seek out new avenues of self expression she explores a variety of styles.  When asked about her upcoming show Follow the Octopus she responded.  “The exhibition embraces this sinuous marine animal’s ability to adapt instantly, morphing in both color and texture as it moves through different environments.  The ability of the Octopus to operate its four separate sets of articulated legs independently is reflected in the enthusiasm that our artist, Lynn Laird, embraces the multiple mediums of scrimshaw, painting, illustration, and photography.  As you move through the main gallery viewing artworks produced in distinctly different styles from traditional to brightly whimsical, we hope that you too will be touched by the passion in which they were created.” 

Steve Zihlavsky a regional artist who works in mixed media to create abstract creations.  When asked about his work and upcoming exhibition he responded  “As my skin wrinkles I'm endeavoring to learn more than ever from every artist and everyone I encounter and absorb new knowledge, skills and ideas to augment my current library.  I want “no boundaries” in my creative process, but until then I will widen my range and push for spectators to not be amused, but, rather puzzled, surprised, confused, tickled or anything other than amused.  More importantly, I hope to broaden the scope of thinking, for children especially, in every aspect of life; to step outside the cone of societal thought and ponder in ways more like the plastic amorphous brainscape all of us had in youth did.

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