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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Digital about "DIGI"

In today's society it seems like almost anyone or anything can be accessed at the click of a button and a scroll of a screen. While technology has evolved and reshaped the way we communicate, DigiFest South is a demonstration of how modern society has changed for the better. DigiFest South is an annual digital arts festival and interactive tech expo that celebrates how digital technology combined with artistic creativity has helped our modern society.

    Remember Bill Nye the Science guy? He was my only saving grace in 6th grade Science class. Usually I would doodle the days away, but on the rare occasion we got to watch a Bill Nye video I would be glued to the tv literally absorbing the material. Why? Because Bill made it fun, he conducted hands on demonstrations and used cool colors and effects.

Things have gotten much cooler and much more hands- on since then. You don't want to miss DigiFest South, it is something that will truly blow you, your kids, or even your fifteen year old nephew who never puts down an X-Box controller away.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Call for Artists: It's the time Digifest South Digital Art Contest

It's the time of the year where Bossier Arts Council begins doing all things "Digi" in preparation for Digifest South. Like last year, we will be hosting our Digital Art Competition. From now until September 3rd we will be accepting entries in 8 different categories.
To liven things up even more, PandaBit has kindly donated an iPad Air as a prize for "Best In Show". Anyone can submit an entry as long as it meets the category requirements. To find out more about the Digital Art Contest, visit the Digifest South website, Art Contest page. You can also download the registration form and view the rules.

We are so excited to see what kind of talent this year's Digifest South will bring!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thinking Outside the Box

Innovation is about creating fresh ideas. Using the science, math, and technological components of knowledge and incorporating them with artistic creativity is what makes products like Apple so awesome. Steve Jobs is one of many STEAM Superstars- who are other people that you know of that have creative abilities and strong technical skills?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A is for Albert, STEM to STEAM


          Once upon a time not long ago I was a High School Student. Baffled each year by the difficult decision on what courses to take, and what electives would be most appealing. If I took Art or Shakespeare Theatre, than I would not be able to take Probability and Statistics. Each year it was a battle between what I loved and what I thought would be better preparation for college. Those days are soon becoming a thing of the past. Students are no longer having to choose between Science and Art, or Math and Photography, but rather encouraged to pursue both while simultaneously developing an educational connection between the two.
               The conversion of STEM to STEAM is not to minimize mathematics in order to make room for art,
but rather introducing the subjects in an applied environment which can be motivational for learners. A resolution made by the U.S House of Representatives in an effort to convert STEM to STEAM explains the benefits of adding the “A” to STEM "...Whereas...artists and designers can effectively communicate complex data and scientific information; the tools and methods of design offer new models for creative problem-solving and interdisciplinary partnerships in a changing world.". US House of Rep. 51

     Consider Albert Einstein, one of the greatest and most brilliant minds ever born. What set him apart from other scientists was his ability to combine his knowledge
with his imagination. Einstein used both his knowledge and imagination to see the relationship between time, space, and energy. By combining essential elements from each side of the brain he was able to make unfathomable discoveries.

Steam, or a hazy mist is technically defined as "a slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, typically caused by fine suspended particles", and that is exactly what the addition of “A” is doing to STEM. It is fogging things up a bit, challenging traditional scientific and mathematical approaches and allowing creativity to inspire a reformed way of future innovation and learning.

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Posted by: Katie Lejeune

Thursday, June 26, 2014

DigiFest South: "DigiPitch" - Bigger & Better

DigiFest South turns up DigiPitch to a whole new level. Up until now there has never been an opportunity to refine and improve a pitch before presenting it. In August, DigiFest South will host a Preliminary Pitching Event at Bossier Arts Council.
There will be two workshop days in which entrepreneurs are given access to business professionals from all areas of commerce. The last day, August 22, will be like a trial pitch before entrepreneurs present at DigiFest South in September.

            Being able to summarize distinctive aspects of your service or product in a manner that is interesting to others should be a necessary skill in business. It's one of the most effective approaches available to influence both new consumers and clients. Now budding entrepreneurs will have access to tips, feedback, and guidance on establishing the perfect pitch for their product or business. The experience will be both enriching and educational. It is truly something we, here at Bossier Arts Council, are looking forward to hosting. It is something budding entrepreneurs don’t want to miss out on.  You never know who you may run into in an elevator so why not be prepared with your pitch?

If you would like to request additional information on being a part of the G60 Elevator Pitching Event contact 318-741-8310, or email To find out about DigiPitch please visit

@ Gallery Fine Art Center

BAC's Gallery Fine Art Center  will presents the art of Nicole Duet and Carola Nix during the months of May-July. The Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5pm. The Gallery Fine Art Center is sponsored in part by contributions from Meredith Hamrick, Ken & Sharon McGivney, Marcy Everett, and Airline Plaza. More information click here.